Next meeting: Saturday 12 July 2014 from 4.30pm

Our next meeting is on Saturday starting at 4.30pm in Circus Central.

The circus school don’t meet on Saturday mornings during the school holidays, and we’re taking advantage of this: the following two sessions, on 29 July and 09 August, will be all-day ones starting at 10am and running late until the evening. This gives people a chance to play games that might be too long for a normal session, or simply play lots of shorter games.

Our last meeting was on 28 June and, like the previous one, was slightly quieter than usual due to the world cup. We still had thirty gamers there who played a large number of games. Photos of a few of these are below.

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Games played, Saturday 14 June 2014

We had another gaming session at the weekend. It was on the same evening as the England game and this affected the turnout a little, but we still had 30 people attend, including our 300th member.

There were a lot of farming games played (Fürstenfeld, Agricola, and two simultaneous games of Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small) and also some people got into the football spirit by playing the World Cup Game. Pictures of a few of the games are below, and there’s also list on BGG of the games that were played.

We do it all again in a couple of weeks, on Saturday 28 June, starting at 4.30pm.

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Next meeting: Saturday 14 June 2014 from 4.30pm

We have another meeting on Saturday, starting at 4.30pm in Circus Central.

Our last meeting, on Saturday 31 May, coincided with the UK Games Expo and about a dozen of our regulars were down to Birmingham. This meant it was one of our quieter sessions, but we still had 23 people attend. Photos of a few of the games played are below.

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