Newcastle Gamers Meetup group

We are now using Meetup to organise and publicise our gaming sessions. If you join our group you can chat to other members, get notifications of our meetings and have the events show up automatically in your calendar.

There’s a list of upcoming sessions at the bottom of this page (if you’re on a phone) or to the right (if you’re on a computer).

Annual general meeting, 26 March 2016

We’ll be taking a break from gaming during our next session to hold the club’s annual general meeting. This will start at around 7.30pm and last around half an hour.

This will involve electing club officials, including a new chair as John Bradshaw is stepping down from this role. We will also review the club finances, and discuss anything else that people think we should talk about.

You may have noticed that there haven’t been many updates to this website recently. I ran out of ways to say “we meet next weekend/met last weekend” and we suspect that nobody is using this web page for news updates. As an alternative we have started using Meetup to organise meetings and announce news — head across there and join the group. You’ll find it has lots of nice features such as notifications of upcoming meetings and calendar integration.

Meanwhile our presence on Facebook has been relaunched. If you’ve got a Facebook account join us there too.

Games played, Saturday 12 August 2015

We had another lively session, with the usual wide range of games getting played. Photos of a few of these are below.

I started off by playing Madeira. Elsewhere in the room, other early starters were settling into games of Dungeon Lords, Nexus Ops and Glass Road. Madeira is a heavy Euro involving a lot of planning as you decide which objectives you will target, which affects your choices of the cities and plantations you send your workers to. Many games reward a strategy of choosing actions that other people don’t, but this one makes you pay more cash to take unpopular actions, and punishes you with piracy tokens if you can’t afford to pay. This caught me out early in the game and I never recovered, so I’ve classed my first play as a learning game; Álvaro hadn’t played before either yet still won, so he may disagree.

After Madeira, I had a quick game of Roll for the Galaxy before moving playing Onward to Venus. This is one of Martin Wallace’s more recent designs with relatively large amounts of player interaction and chaos. I’m not familiar with the Doctor Grodbort graphic novels that inspired this game, but I loved the theme with characters named Arch-Cardinal Venetrix Superior the Lesser and rules like “nothing interesting happens on Ganymede, ever”.

I’m sure you all want more gaming, so we do it again [event post_id=”2765″]this weekend[/event]; here are links to this and our next few meetings.

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Next meeting: Saturday 29 August from 4.30pm

We meet again this afternoon in our normal venue, Christ church hall (also known as Circus Central) in Shieldfield, close to the city centre and bus and metro stops. The venue has a small kitchen area with microwave and cutlery. Takeaways can be ordered in, or you can bring your own food with you. There’s a small branch of Sainsbury’s next door (open until 10pm) which is handy for drinks and snacks.

If you’re wondering what to expect take a look below at some of the pictures of games played at our meeting last weekend. There’s always a large selection of games brought along by club regulars, and people will explain the rules for each game when you sit down to play, so don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with a particular title. If you’d like to bring your own games along that’s fine too.