Next meeting: Saturday 30 August from 4.30pm

There’s an extra Saturday this month, so we’ve had a longer than usual gap between meetings, but we meet again on Saturday. After a couple of all day sessions we’re back to the normal start time of 4.30pm.

There’s a charge £2 per person to cover the venue hire costs (£1 for unwaged), but your first visit is free. If you’re wondering what to expect take a look at our reports from previous meetings. There’s always a large selection of games brought along by club regulars, and people will explain the rules for each game when you sit down to play, so don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with a particular title. If you’d like to bring your own games along that’s fine too.

We meet in Christchurch church hall (also known as Circus Central) in Shieldfield, close to the city centre and bus and metro stops. The venue has a small kitchen area with microwave and cutlery. Takeaways can be ordered in, or bring your own food with you. There’s a small branch of Sainsburys next door (open until 11pm) which is handy for drinks and snacks.

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Games played, Saturday 09 August 2014

We had the second of our summer all-day sessions last weekend, with 43 people coming by through the course of the day. We started off with a few games of Two Rooms and a Boom with up to eighteen players, before splitting into smaller groups as more people arrived. A couple of groups that took advantage of the extra gaming time to play long games: A Distant Plain and Roads & Boats, each of which took around six hours to complete. Most people stuck to more normal length games; you can see photos of some of these below.

As August has five Saturdays this year there will be an extra week until our next meeting, which will be on Saturday 30 August. For that one we’ll be back to our usual start time of 4.30pm.

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Next meeting: Saturday 09 August from 10.00am

We meet again on Saturday for the second of the free, all-day sessions that we have this summer. It’s in the usual place: Circus Central, starting at 10am and carrying on through the afternoon and evening.

August is one of those terrible months where there are five Saturdays, so it will three weeks until the following meeting, on Saturday 30 August. For that one we’re going back to the normal start time of 4.30pm. The long wait until our next meeting makes it even more important that you get along early this weekend, so that you can play enough games to make it through the long days ahead.

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Games played, Saturday 26 July 2014

Last weekend we had our first all-day session of the summer. Forty people took refuge from the sunny weather and played a huge number of games. Photos of a few of these games are at the bottom of this post.

A couple of people hadn’t realised that there was an early start. There are lots of ways to keep informed — make sure that you follow a couple of these and you’ll never again miss out on the chance of extra gaming.

The mailing list
This is the simplest way; sign up using the form on this page (on the right if you’re looking at the desktop version, or at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device) and you’ll get a couple of emails a month reminding you of meeting dates and keeping you up to date with any other news.
This blog
There’s usually a new post on this blog a few days before each meeting. If you’re into RSS you can subscribe to our feed.
Events for each meeting are published on our Google+ page. There are also reminders of what’s happening and a chance to arrange any games that you’d like to play in advance of a session.
Our Twitter account, @NewcastleGamers, is yet another place that publishes news and meeting reminders.

We do all again next weekend with another free, all-day session starting at 10am on Saturday 09 August.

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Next meeting: Saturday 26 July from 10.00am

We meet again on Saturday. To celebrate the arrival of summer we’re opening the doors early: we start gaming at 10am and will carry on through the afternoon and evening. This is also a free session. It’s in the usual place: Circus Central.

This is a great chance to play some of those games which don’t often hit the table due to long playing time, or simply to play lots of shorter games.

Here are a few photos of games being played at our last session.

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